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Title: Only Going to Get Better
Author: wishiknewwho
Rating: G
Characters: Ten / Rose
Dislcaimer: I don't own Doctor Who but you can bet if I did, there would've been a lot more kissing in Series 2.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Summary: Yes, things are good the way they are, but as far as she is concerned, they are only about to get better.
Beta: Just good old Word spell check.
Author Notes: A couple of weeks ago, salimali had a birthday.  She's been asking very nicely for some happy-Rose-is-pregnant fic.  She also asked for birthday-themed fic for her birthday.  Apparently I am cheap, because this is a 2-for-1 deal.



How to tell him?  That’s the question racing through Rose’s mind as she looks down at the white plastic stick, its two pink lines confirming what she already knows. 


The timing could be better.  They’re new, new enough that she gets a little rush every time he presses his lips to hers, new enough that she still feels a little flutter of nerves each time they make love.  And things are good the way they are.


But they aren’t that new.  It’s been a long time coming really, the two of them together.  She’s always been in love with him in some way or another.  Once he’d given in and admitted his feelings to her that love had only grown.  She’d long ago accepted that he is the only one for her.  Yes, things are good the way they are, but as far as she’s concerned they are only about to get better.


She might worry about his reaction if it weren’t for the incident a few weeks ago.  They’d been on a planet just outside of the Horsehead nebula.  It had been a dangerous trip, civil war, bombs, gunfire, and a multitude of other things that could’ve gotten them killed.  And yet they’d saved the day. 


She’d been helping out a group of refugees, holding a woman’s child while she got medical attention.  Rose had never given much thought to children, but the little boy had taken to her quickly, resting his head on her shoulder as he’d played with the ends of her hair and it all felt so natural to her.  The Doctor had shown up then and the look he’d given her, like he’d never seen something so perfect, so right…it took her breath away.


She stands up on shaky legs, excitement and butterflies in her stomach.  She finds him in the console room, bent over some large, dusty tome and twirling a highlighter between his fingers.  She suppresses a gasp of shock as she watches him uncap the marker and make a neon pink line in what appears to be an ancient text.


She’s just about to ask him what he’s doing when he looks up and notices her watching.


“Hello,” he greets her, putting the cap back on the marker and placing it in the spine of the open book.


“Hi,” she says.


He bounces over to her and kisses her sweetly, his hand lingering on her waist as he pulls back.  She opens her mouth to speak, but finds herself suddenly shy.  What if she got it all wrong?  That look he’d given her when she’d been holding the little boy, maybe it hadn’t been what she’d thought at all.  It could’ve been just relief at seeing her alive or something equally silly.


“Rose,” he asks.  “Are you all right?”  He gives her an expectant look. 


She can’t stand the way her throat tightens when she tries to speak, so she swallows and blurts out the first thought that comes to mind.  “When’s your birthday?”


He laughs and bounces back toward the console and his text.  “Why’re you asking me that now?” he asks.  “And why are you so nervous?  Have you got me a present?”  He wiggles his eyebrows at her as he snaps the book shut, leaving the highlighter to mark his place.


She lets out a little huff of air.  “I was just wondering.  A girl should know when her-“ she stops, catching herself.  They haven’t exactly labeled what they are yet, and boyfriend doesn’t feel like the right word for him anyway.  “I should know when your birthday is,” she amends.  “And I’m not nervous.” 


He gives her an odd look and then grins.  “All right,” he says, placating.  “But it’s not as easy as you’d think.  We didn’t celebrate birthdays on my planet.  And I’ve never really given much thought to when my birthday is in Earth time.  Give me a second.”  He looks up, and she can see his eyes going back and forth as he calculates.


She moves toward the captain’s chair while she waits, using this time to wrack her brain for how to tell him what she really meant to tell him before she started all this birthday nonsense.


After a minute or so he clicks his tongue and turns to her with his eyes sparkling.  “It seems it’s the day after tomorrow.  You owe me a birthday, Rose Tyler.”  He crosses toward her in two strides and smacks a kiss to her forehead.  “I’ll expect a cake, presents, and those little pointy hats, ta.”


She nods, her mind still focused on how to tell him.


“And candles,” he goes on.  “You don’t have to put an accurate number on there, mind.  Imagine the size of that cake!  And it’d be a fire hazard.  Perhaps you could get those little number candles.  Or those trick candles that don’t go out when you first blow them.  Those could be fun!  Of course, you can’t tell me if you’ve got those.  It would ruin the surprise…”


He natters on but she doesn’t listen.  Her brain has suddenly clicked into place.  She tugs on his hand, her signal that it is time for him to stop rambling.  He trails off and once again she has his attention.


“How about an early birthday present?” she murmurs, taking his other hand in hers.


“How’d you know to get me something?” he asks.  “You’ve only just found out when my birthday is.”


She rolls her eyes at him.  “Do you want it now or do you want to wait?” she asks impatiently.  Now that she’s made up her mind how to do it, she is ready to be out with it.


“I’ll take it now,” he says.  “Shall I close my eyes?”  She can hear the excitement in his voice and her smile grows.


“No need,” she says.  “It’s well hidden, for now.”  She moves his hands to her stomach, pressing them to her, her hands on top of his.


He stares at her dumbly for a moment until finally the penny drops.  “Are you…” he asks, for once speechless.


She nods.  He looks from her eyes to where their hands rest against her to her eyes again.  “Is it…?  Are you…?”  She tries to find the words, but can’t.


“Rose,” he breathes.  His voice is hushed, reverent.  His eyes are watery and his smile threatens to overtake his face.  He pulls his hands away to wrap her in a hug, lifting her from the ground and spinning her a few times as she presses her face into his neck, a few tears of her own leaking out.


She laughs in relief, with happiness and he joins her, pulling back to press his lips to hers.  He still hasn’t put her down, but she doesn’t mind.


Moments later, he pulls back, allowing them some much-needed air and her feet finally touch the floor.  She opens her eyes to find him watching her.  She smiles so hard it hurts.


“All right?” she asks.


“More than,” he replies, brushing his nose to hers.


He kisses her again and hugs her to him.  “Best birthday ever,” he declares. 

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