Nov. 18th, 2009 07:56 pm
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Hello all,

Sorry, but it looks like there will be no commentary tonight.

LJ is giving me fits. I have tried posting it on 3 different browsers (IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome) and it keeps giving me this crazy code. Basically, it keeps posting my entire entry in bold, and then it puts in this random HTML code that pops back up after I delete it.

Anyone else ever had a similar problem? What browser do you guys use? I need something where I can post and not have to do a ton of formatting.

Love to you all.

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Good morning babes and random!Dude,

I hope this Saturday morning finds you all well.  I've been posting commentaries here and there, so I want to pose a question to you guys.

First, several of you have asked me to go ahead and do the rest of the Both'verse.  Probably because you're trying to figured out how I came out with something so deranged.  Anyway, would you guys want me to post that?  It might take me a little while, but I'm willing if you're wanting.

Second, [ profile] salimali has asked me to do the entire Miles'verse (cos she's cheeky like a cheeky thing) and I've agreed because I love her that much.  Would anyone be interested in reading that?  I'm not going to post if it's just salimali, as I can send her those by email.  Also, there may be sequel hints in some of those.

Anyway, back to schoolwork.  I wish that I could give you guys some definite dates of when I have some new stuff coming out, but it's all very fluid right now.

Here's the best I can do:
  • surprise birthday fic this week
  • [ profile] nipplemuggins birthday fic in early october (multi-chapter Ten II fluff)
  • [ profile] electrictoes birthday fic in october (multi-chapter Ten flangst)
  • strange little piece rolling around in my brain
  • [ profile] salimali birthday fic in december (multi-chapter Ten II)
  • Miles Christmas fic
  • Miles Sequel
  • Miles final Sequel
  • back to ficlet requests
  • Longer Fic with Help from [ profile] salimali 
  • New project with [ profile] salimali 

All right then.  Looks like I've got some writing to do.  Love to all.

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So this will seem totally random, but do any of you watch Myth Busters over there?  Do you know if it even comes on?  Any and all information you could give me would be most appreciated.

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Hi peeps!

I am in need of your help.  I need some fun things the sonic screwdriver can do.  Like, I know that it can lock doors and stuff like that, but I can't remember what else he's done with it.  It can be something you've seen in the show or something you've made up.  I can't guarantee I'll use it, but if it fits, I certainly will.  And don't ask me what it's about.  It's for Miles to Go and that's all I'm telling. ;)


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